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Shaking My Onion

Each year I reflect and develop new goals and intentions for the new year. This year, I have taken extra time to really lean-in on what my intentions should be for the year. I started many new habits in 2020: cycling, reading, meditating, and blogging. My mind is clear, my heart is full and my spirit is calm. So, what else could I be missing?

As often happens after working up a good sweat, I was inspired to share my thoughts after a Jess King (Peloton Instructor) ride. It was a Latin inspired playlist with lyrics that answered my question about my intentions for 2021.

“I Believe That We Will Win” by Pitbull – Fear can mean “Face Everything And Rise” or “Forget Everything And Run.” This anthem pumps you up, but more importantly it speaks to perspective and which lens you chose to view the world with. Do you see the world from a cup half full perspective or a cup half empty perspective? Your perspective and approach to the world experienced an extreme test in 2020. Mental health was challenged collectively and story after story has been told of resiliency or succumbing to darkness. In 2021, we will continue to face adversity as we continue to transition into the new “normal.” Embrace the moment because the only way to get to the other side is to walk straight into it with your head held high and watch as you rise.

“Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson & Solardo – Anytime you have a bad or slow day and need a pick me up, I highly recommend you play this song, full blast. My intention is to “shake my onion” in 2021. Celebrating and experiencing joy. Although memories looked different in 2020, there were still quiet moments of joy. Celebrations looked vastly different, but there were still moments to celebrate. There is always something to be grateful for in your life. Even if it’s the fact that you were able to take another breathe.

Whatever you choose for 2021, my hope for you is to live with intention. Quoting Jess King, “live a year of design.” You are the designer. Be intentional. Be bold. Be unapologetic.


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